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  • 22 Sep 2018 21:16 | Anonymous

    There is more to come to complete this busy year of interesting and lively seminars. 

    We hope that you have been enjoying the seminar programme so far this year. Our Christmas seminar and function are being planned, so watch for that announcement.

    The October and November events are soon to be announced!

  • 22 Sep 2018 21:07 | Anonymous

    Ever wondered about online child abuse material? Read Judith's essay, the winner of the most recent Student Essay competition.

  • 06 Mar 2018 16:17 | Anonymous

    Special News - Annual General Meeting 2018 on Tuesday, 20 March

    Followed by our March Seminar: 

    Patent Infringement and Freedom to Operate

    Members and guests are encouraged to attend the AGM and our March Seminar, on 20 March.

    The AGM is important because it provides you with an opportunity to hear what we have achieved to improve member services, and to participate in the planning for 2018 through contributing with the committee team.


    TO BE HELD AT 6pm

    Tuesday 20 March 2017 AT

    FB Rice , Level 23, 44 Market Street, Sydney NSW

    Please RSVP by Monday,  19th March,  by registering for the event here: AGM and seminar on patent infringement and freedom to operate  


      1 Welcome

      2 Apologies

      3 Proxies

      4 Confirm 2017 AGM Minutes

      5 Receipt and consideration of Financial report

      6 Receipt and consideration of President's Report

      7 Receipt and consideration of any sub-committee reports

      8 Election of Returning Officer

      9 Election of:

         9.1 President

         9.2 Vice President

         9.3 Secretary

         9.4 Treasurer

         9.5 Committee Members

    10. Motions

    11. Other Business

    12. Close

    Note: The AGM will be followed by the Seminar (see event description) and hospitality provided by FBRice. Please stay with us for both!

    The following forms and reports are be available for download:

    NSWSCL 2018 Nomination Form.docx

    NSWSCL 2018 Proxy Form.docx

    NSWSCL Draft AGM 2017 minutes Publish.docx

    NSW Society for Computers and the Law - 2017 signed financial statements final.pdf 

  • 02 Mar 2017 10:38 | Anonymous

    The Society will hold the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 21st March, commencing at 6PM, at FBRice Level 23, 44 Market Street, Sydney. The AGM will be followed by a seminar entitled 

    "Buzzword Bust – All you really need to know about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Gene Patents."

    Please register for the AGM and seminar here: AGM and Buzzword Bust.

    AGENDA for AGM:

      1. Welcome

      2. Apologies

      3. Proxies

      4. Confirm 2016 AGM Minutes

      5. Receipt and consideration of Financial report

      6. Receipt and consideration of President's Report

      7. Receipt and consideration of any sub-committee reports

      8. Election of Returning Officer

      9. Election of:

          9.1 President

          9.2 Vice President

          9.3 Secretary

          9.4 Treasurer

          9.5 Committee Members

    10. Motions

    11. Other Business

    12. Close

    Followed by the seminar and refreshments.

    Members are encouraged to be heard and to take a role in the direction and success of the Society by contributing to our Committee.

    To nominate for a Committee position, appoint a proxy, or peruse the various reports to be tabled, please use the links on the News page.

  • 10 Nov 2016 18:09 | Anonymous

    Invitations to our Christmas Seminar and Function will be sent in the coming few days. Apart from having and interesting and topical discussion on Australian Domain Name Law, there will be an extended opportunity to enjoy the Society's hospitality at a unique venue:

    Crown Hotel - Library Room

    See the Heritage details at Heritage Details 1  and Heritage Details 2 

    Please joing us for the seminar and social activities!

  • 10 Nov 2016 17:57 | Anonymous

    At the start of December you will receive automatic emails which will guide you through the online renewal process. Through the PayPal facility you will be able to renew online by clicking on the links in the invoice email, or by logging-on.

    Renewing your membership will entitle you to:

    • continue receiving printed copies of the Journal, 
    • free attendance at our seminars, 
    • access to softcopy of the Journal,
    • access to softcopy of seminar presentations (as available),
    • CPE entitlement for seminars,
    • Networking with colleagues and peers.
    You are encouraged to pay your membership on time so that there is no interruption to your access to Society membership benefits. 
  • 11 Sep 2016 16:16 | Anonymous

    The 2016 Student Essay Competition has been announced. First prize is A$1000. To enter, read the competition details here.

  • 12 Apr 2016 22:10 | Anonymous

    On 15th March we held the AGM, followed by a seminar on software patents and rounded out with hospitality provided by FBRice, our host for the evening.

    The following committee members and office bearers will be helping the Society to operate and deliver services for you in the coming year:

    Paul Doman - President

    Manuel Schmidt - Vice President

    Daniel Jacobs - Secretary

    Brendan Scott - Treasurer

    Samantha Waldon

    Michael Saunders

    Philip Argy

    Tanira Morrison - Membership

    Thai Loi - Student Essay Prize

    Daniel Thomson - Journal Editor

    Phillip Roberts

    For 2016 we will be consolidating the new membership system and looking at improving member services.

  • 03 Nov 2015 17:38 | Anonymous

    Welcome to the new website and membership management system!

    The Committee undertook to improve services to members and simplify management tasks by moving to a new system, and the first stage of this was accomplished today.

    The first important change is to how users log in to the system: this is now based upon your email address rather than using an account name. To access the system for the first time, please use the "Forgot password" function (top right-hand side of home page), entering your registered email address.

    After changing your password you will be given access to the areas which enable you to manage your profile and membership or subscription.

    Please also see the FAQ for more details.

  • 21 Apr 2015 18:32 | Anonymous

    The Society held its 33rd Annual General Meeting on 31st March and reported on accomplishments and financial position for 2014. Our committee continues to be well supported with the addition of several new faces. A primary focus for our work in 2015 is to make it easier for members and visitors to access information, and manage their own membership subscriptions.

    Please acquaint yourself with the committee membership contacts to see who can help you with any enquiries  (see: About Us ==> Office Bearers).


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