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Notice of AGM and Seminar - Tuesday 28 May 2019 - "Over 20 Years of Data, Beyond Privacy"

26 May 2019 19:20 | Anonymous
<< City traffic may be disrupted due to VIVID road closures.

<< Please endeavour to be on time.



Tuesday 28 May 2019 AT

Bird & Bird, Level 11, 68 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Please RSVP by Tuesday 28 May  by registering for the event here: AGM and Seminar - "Over 20 Years of Data, Beyond Privacy"


  1 Welcome

  2 Apologies

  3 Proxies

  4 Confirm 2018 AGM Minutes

  5 Receipt and consideration of Financial report

  6 Receipt and consideration of President's Report

  7 Receipt and consideration of any sub-committee reports

  8 Election of Returning Officer

  9 Election of:

     9.1 President

     9.2 Vice President

     9.3 Secretary

     9.4 Treasurer

     9.5 Committee Members

10. Motions 

    10.1 That the Society enter into a phase of familiarisation with the Victorian Society for Computers and the Law (VSCL) that is open-ended in duration.  The discussions between the two Societies should include increasing the value proposition to members.

11. Other Business

12. Close

Note: The AGM will be followed by the Seminar (see event description below) and hospitality provided by Bird & Bird. Please stay with us for both!

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The following AGM forms and reports are be available for download:

NSWSCL Audit Report 2018 Signed.pdf

NSWSCL 2019 Nomination Form.docx

NSWSCL 2019 Proxy Form.docx

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"Over 20 Years of Data, Beyond Privacy"

Hamish Fraser, Bird & Bird

This talk will explore what data was and has become and what lawyers should know about it.

The presentation will consider 4 key themes:

1.    The data itself, discussing developments in the technical capabilities of data use, transportation and storage.

2.    Uses of data, highlighting the increasing breadth and complexity of applications that have been made possible in the past 20 years, such as data mining and artificial intelligence.

3.    Privacy and data protection laws.

4.    Look to the future of data and the challenges that new data uses will create for lawyers.

Our Speaker

Hamish is the lead partner of international law firm Bird & Bird's Australian Technology and Communications practices.

Prior to a career in law, Hamish trained as an engineer in the 80's and programmed in Fortran. In 1999, he was the President of the Queensland Society for Computers and the Law.

He is a prominent contributor to public policy discussion in industry and mainstream press, as a result of his extensive practice in convergence, social media, privacy and data protection issues.  His clients in these areas are at the cutting edge of legal and regulatory developments in the region.

Hamish also advises on commercial issues and regulatory matters for clients engaged in all facets of the information, communications and technology industries, with a particular focus on cloud based businesses and outsourcing or assisting businesses move to the cloud or negotiating outsourcing arrangements.  Other areas include intellectual property protection, licensing and distribution, confidentiality, e-commerce, security, IT procurement and outsourcing.

In addition to law, he has a degree in engineering and has worked extensively in the communications and technology industries.  Hamish previously held a senior legal role at Australia’s number two telecommunications carrier, Optus.  While at Optus, Hamish was involved in negotiating all facets of large scale telecommunications supply and acquisition agreements and was also the key lawyer responsible for the firm-wide procurement function. 

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