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  • 21 Apr 2015 18:32 | Anonymous

    The Society held its 33rd Annual General Meeting on 31st March and reported on accomplishments and financial position for 2014. Our committee continues to be well supported with the addition of several new faces. A primary focus for our work in 2015 is to make it easier for members and visitors to access information, and manage their own membership subscriptions.

    Please acquaint yourself with the committee membership contacts to see who can help you with any enquiries  (see: About Us ==> Office Bearers).


  • 27 Mar 2015 18:03 | Anonymous

    We are pleased to announce the release of the issue 88 of our journal which was posted to subscribers and members in March.  Here is an overview over its content:

    • When there is a breach - Know your obligations and what steps to take
    • Network analysis as an aid to legal interpretation
    • Quality controlled government with spherical logic 
  • 20 Aug 2014 18:14 | Anonymous

    The Computers & Law Journal for the Australian and New Zealand Societies for Computers and the Law offers a prize of AUD $1,000 for the article which is selected by the editors of the Journal as the best article in the field of computers and the law written by a student.

    Final closing date for applications for the prize is: 9 December 2014.

    Articles must be no more than 1500 words and must be submitted online with an appropriate covering message to: editors@nswscl.org.au 

     In the covering message, applicants must provide details of their candidature, including the name of the educational institution at which they are enrolled and their student number.

    Submissions for the student prize will be assessed by reference to the following criteria:

    • new or innovative content, for example new case(s), new law, new technology dealt with or used in law or in legal practice, or innovative review of perspectives on computers and law;
    • research competence;
    • authorities used shown and fully referenced;
    • well organised for communication of points; and
    • clear points and objective.

    The winning student will receive a prize certificate as well as AUD $1,000, and the winning article will be published in the next edition of the Journal as the winning article; the winning student will also receive a free copy of the Journal edition in which the article is published. The article will be published online at the website for the NSW Society for Computers and the Law at: http://www.nswscl.org.au

    The editors reserve the right not to award the prize. It is intended that the prize be offered annually but terms of the offer may be varied.

    The Computers & Law Journal reserves the right to publish articles submitted for the prize which are not the winning article. Applicants will be advised if their article is to be published; they will receive a free copy of the Journal in which their article is published.

    Articles may be co-authored as long as all co-authors are students and there are no more than 5 co-authors. If they win, co-authors will be paid the prize in equal shares but they may redistribute their shares by their own agreement.  Initial format for articles is the same as for all articles submitted for publication by the Journal; details of this format are available at: http://www.nswscl.org.au


    Submitting an entry is a warranty that the student has the right to publish in the Journal.


  • 29 Nov 2012 18:39 | Anonymous

    Wow, what an evening!

    On the night of 8 October 2012, we held a cocktail party with over 70 past and present members and friends of the Society celebrating our 30th anniversary.

    We enjoyed presentations from the Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG, who inspired and challenged our thinking, a few words from me, and we were taken on a journey through the last 30 years with founding members, Philip Argy and Jim FitzSimons. MC for the night was our Vice President, Ruarri Fairweather.

    Mr Kirby spoke with admiration of the Indian High Court and its adoption of technology in reducing the reliance on paper through its operations and the lessons we can learn from a court which presides over the legal system serving more than a billion people. For more details of Mr Kirby‚Äôs comments and the night, please see the coverage in LawyersWeekly.

    Have a look at the photos from the night.

    The Society is proud to support AustLII by donating $1,000 from ticket sales.

    We thank those who attended for joining us, and look forward to the next 30 years with excitement. 

  • 30 Apr 2011 18:41 | Anonymous

    Advertising in the Journal

    As you may have already read, the Journal is sent to all members of the Societies in each Australian State and the New Zealand Society. Journal subscribers comprise more than 800 practising judges, barristers, solicitors, corporate counsel, computer and telecommunications company executives and professionals, and academics. It is also sent to a number of libraries and special interest areas in universities and other institutions.

    Therefore by advertising in the Journal you will be reaching a well-targeted group of professionals in the field of computers and the law.

    Advertising Rates (per issue)

    Advertisement Cost per issue
    Full Page
    Preprinted Flyers/inserts
    Half Page

  • 13 Oct 2010 18:41 | Anonymous

    Notes for contributors

    • Articles generally run between 1000 to 4000 words, however we are flexible and can run articles over several issues

    • Book reviews should be approximately 500 words 

    • All contributions should be accompanied by a short biography of the author 

    • We do publish previously published and accepted-for-publication material, provided our readers are unlikely to have read it previously and there are no copyright restrictions on republishing. Please include details of where the contribution was or is to be published 

    • Authors of articles accepted for publication authorise publication in hard copy in the Journal and in all forms of electronic media including the internet 

    • We seek not to be didactic about references and citations. Either scientific or legal style footnoting is acceptable. All references are published as endnotes, not footnotes. 

    • If possible please send contributions in an electronic format - preferably on Word or ASCII text file to the Editors.

    Please send all correspondence about contributions to the Editors.

    Don't hesitate to email us if you have any problems

     Please Note: Each article will be reviewed to determine its suitability for publication. The Editors do not guarantee that all articles submitted will be published in the Journal.

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