Importance of your email address

The membership system utilises your email address as the single identification method. In conjunction with your password, they provide the authentication required for you to manage your profile and access member services.

To simplify management, there is no requirement for alternate email addresses or postal addresses, such as home or office. Only one set of information is required, and all electronic or postal communication will be directed according to your settings.

Please ensure that you enter your full and correct email address when you register...otherwise all future emails, confirmations, notices of events and so on will NOT arrive in your email! A common oversight is to leave out ".au" or to include ".au" when it is not needed. 

Please check and double-check that your email address has been entered correctly!

Protect your password, and select a password which is secure enough for your needs.

Website Logon

You will need your email address to log on to your profile, not an account name. Each profile is protected by your password.

The password from the Society's earlier system has not been imported, so you will have to use the "Forgot password" function to request a reset. Once reset, you will be able to access your profile and manage your membership or subscription.


Membership period

The Society operates a calendar year membership as required by our Articles of Association. This means that adjustments will be made for initial membership fees based upon when in the calendar year the membership commences. For memberships which commence in the latter part of the calendar year, the fee for the next calendar year will be charged as well as the remaining portion of the current year.

Renew you membership

The system will automatically generate renewal invoices and email them to you (if an individual member) or to your bundle administrator. Members can click the email link and pay the fee and immediately renew their membership without even having to log in.

Notice regarding GST: The Society is under the threshold for requirements to register for the Australian "Goods and Services Tax" (GST). As a result, it is not required to register, nor has it registered, for GST purposes. This has two consequences - first, we do not charge GST for memberships, journals or events, and, second, it would be illegal for us to issue a tax invoice for any memberships, journals or events.

Therefore we can not give you a tax invoice, and you or your accounts department will need to make any payments in the absence of such an invoice. However, our ABN is stated on the forms, so you are not required to withold any part of the payment (which you would have had to do if our ABN was not supplied).


Payments - Credit Card (our preferred method)

The Society prefers to use PayPal for all payments. The advantages to members and subscribers include:

  • security of payment
  • immediacy of payment - no delays in joining or renewing, or paying for event attendance (non-members)
  • immediate confirmation and emailed receipt
  • choice of payment methods as accepted by PayPal.
There will be a processing delay should you elect to pay using direct deposit or cheque. Full access to membership or journal benefits will be delayed until confirmation of receiving your funds has been completed.

Payments - Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer

If you prefer to pay using bank/wire transfer:

  1. make your payment IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS
  2. include the INVOICE NUMBER in the remitter reference
  3. and make the transfer to -
         New South Wales Society for Computers and the Law
         Westpac Bank
         Cnr Pitt & Bridge Streets
         SYDNEY  NSW  2000

        BSB: 032-021     Account:  10-5692


    4. Email us a copy of the remittance confirmation (use the Contact Us page)

We will update your membership/subscription once your payment has been confirmed.

Payments - Cheque

  1. make your cheque in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS
  2. ensure that you include the INVOICE NUMBER on the remittance advice
  3. post the cheque and remittance advice to our Postal Address - see  Contact


AustLII - Search Journal Articles

You can search for Journal articles by keyword at the Australasian Legal Information Institute .

Journals from the First edition are available, except for those less that ONE YEAR OLD. Current members and subscribers may download the all editions from the Members section of this website.

Find articles at:


Corporate Membership

Corporate memberships are called "Bundles" in this system. Each corporate membership has a "Bundle Administrator" who is the nominated contact and is authorised to manage membership in the bundle.  

Bundles are set up for a maximum of five (5) members, including the bundle administrator. If your corporation wishes to have more than five staff enjoying the benefits of membership of the Society, then you may choose to upgrade to ten (10) members. Please contact the Membership Officer to arrange this.  

Changing the bundle administrator

If you are the bundle administrator and you wish to nominate another person in your membership to take over the administrator role, simply log on then display the membership details for the member you want to be the new bundle administrator, then click Make administrator.

The selected member is now the administrator, and your own status is changed to individual member within the corporate membership.

Adding a new member to the corporate membership

To add a member to the corporate membership, the bundle administrator logs in and accesses her own profile. In the "My profile" window she clicks the Add member button.

The bundle administrator completes the membership application form on behalf of the members then clicks Save. The new bundle member's record now appears. To return to their own profile, the bundle administrator clicks the Return to bundle list and your own profile link.

  • The bundle administrator can only add brand new members to the bundle, they cannot add an email address that is already in the database.
  • If you wish to add an existing member or subscriber to your corporate bundle, please contact the Membership officer to arrange this. 

Removing a member from the corporate membership

A bundle administrator can archive a bundle member, so that the member is no longer part of the bundle. This is achieved by archiving the member. From then on the member continues to appear in your corporate membership with the name greyed-out, but does not count towards your maximum number of members.

To archive a bundle member, follow these steps:

1.    Log into NSWSCL site.

2.    Click your name or the View profile link to jump to your member profile.

3.    Within the  Bundle summary  section of your  Profile  page, click the name of the member you want to archive.


4.    From the member's profile that appears, scroll down to the bottom and click the Archive button.


5.    You can now click the  Return to bundle list and your own profile  link to return to your member profile.  




The Committee, and How to Join

Committee membership is open to financial members of the Society.

Nominations are accepted both before and at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in March. 

Where there is more than one nomination for any of the office-bearer positions, then an election shall be held:





The total Committee membership is a maximum of nineteen, including the office-bearers.

Following the election of the four office-bearers, where there are more than fifteen ordinary members nominating for committee positions, then an election shall be held for the available positions.

The Committee meets in the Sydney CBD approximately six times per year depending upon business at hand, with teleconference facilities available. 

Committee meetings are usually held on the FIRST TUESDAY of the month, starting at 6PM.

Interested in contributing to the Society's activities? Contact


Website advertising

There is no formal website advertising policy.  Requests for advertising on the Society's website will be considered on a case by case basis. Please email

Date policy made: 17 September 2008

Seminar attendance and hosting

For each corporate membership held by an organisation, as part of that membership, up to 5 people from the organisation may attend a Society seminar irrespective of whether the individuals are the named individuals for the corporate membership (i.e. the non-member seminar fee becomes payable if the number of people attending from an organisation exceeds the number of named people allowed by the corporate membership(s) held by the organisation).

When an organisation is hosting a seminar, the non-member's fee does not apply to additional attendees from that organisation.  This policy would prevail over the above policy to the extent of any inconsistency.

Date policy made: 23 February 2011

Website links

All links from the Society's website to an external website will be approved by the Committee before the link is implemented.

Date policy made: 17 August 2011

Display of past editions of website

Past editions of the journal will be made available on the unrestricted part of the website ONE YEAR following publication.

Date policy made: 25 October 2011

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