Fees and Benefits

Paid membership or subscription includes:

  • Free entry to regular seminars and select functions
  • Soft copy journal, available by download from the subscribers area of the website. 
  • The printed copy of the journal. 
  • Opportunities to discuss and present on a range of technology issues affecting Australia
  • Network of legal and IT professionals who have an interest in a varied range of technologies

As a Contact, you can:
  • Stay in touch with the society through receiving emails about events and news.
  • Upgrade to a paid membership or subscription at any time.

 Subscription Type
 Emails of 
Events and
Annual Fee

 Contact(i.e. registered)Yes nil - -
 StudentYes$A 25-Yes 
 IndividualYes$A 70Yes Yes 
 Corporate (in Australia - 5 members)Yes$A 250Yes Yes 
 Corporate (in Australia - 7 members)Yes$A 350YesYes
 Corporate (in Australia - 10 members)Yes$A 500YesYes
 Journal (single subscription, Australia)Yes$A 50Yes-
 Journal (single subscription, outside Australia)Yes$A 65Yes-


Notice regarding GST: The Society is under the threshold for requirements to register for GST. As a result, it is not required to register, nor has it registered, for GST purposes. This has two consequences - first, we do not charge GST for memberships, journals or events, and, second, it would be illegal for us to issue a tax invoice for any memberships, journals or events.

Therefore we can not give you a tax invoice, and you or your accounts department will need to make any payments in the absence of such an invoice. However, our ABN is stated on the forms, so you are not required to withold any part of the payment (which you would have had to do if our ABN was not supplied).

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