This page provides links to societies with similar objectives in Australia and overseas, and to law resources based in Australia.

Links to overseas resources are provided in Links - Overseas.   


Other Societies

Victorian Society for Computers & the Law 

United Kingdom Society for Computers and Law 

Law Resources - Australia

AGD E-Commerce Homepage - The e-commerce homepage for the Attorney General's Department. A good place to start for information about Australia's legal framework for e-commerce

Australasian Legal Information Institute - Austlii provides free access to a number of relevant journals, and current legislation as well as a range of case law.

Parliament of Australia - Australian Commonwealth Hansards and access to legislation, committees

eLaw Journal - Murdoch University's Electronic Journal of Law

Electronic Frontiers Australia
As an association, the EFA deals with numerous issues online, including internet regulation and censorship, intellectual property and privacy matters.

FindLaw Australia - A quick tool to help find legal representation in Australia. 

Law and Justice Foundation of NSW - Law and Justice Foundation. An independent, statutory body focused on improving access to justice in NSW.

IP Australia - Government operated website providing information related to matters of copyright, trademark, patent information and related news and issues.

Victoria Law Foundation - A not-for-profit group which provides support to community legal centers in Victoria. Also awards grants and is a provider of education services on related matters.

Lawyers Weekly - LexisNexis operated website which discusses matters pertinent to lawyers. Including professional reform, practice management and further information on skills and education.

Parliament of Australia - Australian Parliament House website.

Parliament of New South Wales - NSW Parliament House Website. 

Law Society of New South Wales - NSW Law Society website. Information about professional development, education and various services for members.

Technology Dispute Centre - The Technology Dispute Centre is an international centre of excellence for the provision of a range of specialist dispute resolution and avoidance services.

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