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Latest on Cloud Computing

  • 02 Nov 2011
  • 18:00
  • Dimension Data

Following on from our successful introductory cloud computing seminar in February, please join us for a follow-up presentation looking at the latest legal and commercial issues concerning the cloud, featuring a local supplier and a leading UK-based technology lawyer.

Organisations around the world are turning to cloud computing because of its ability to dramatically change the economics of delivering and managing technology services. But how many organisations feel that reaching the cloud is a long and expensive journey with multiple legal pitfalls? Or that this elusive cloud doesn't really have a silver lining?

Join us for this session as we explore key concepts and issues including:

  • How to make the cloud a tangible reality notwithstanding the legal obstacles;
  • How a cloud / hosted service can co-exist with existing on-premise infrastructure; and
  • What are some of the key legal concerns and perspectives of cloud users in the UK.

There will also be a live demonstration of Dimension Data's hosted services to give a tangible view of what a cloud service provides in reality and how it works.


Josh Gardner, Hosted Services Business Development Manager, Dimension Data; and

Dai Davis, Technology Lawyer and Partner, Percy Crow Davis & Co (UK) (see link to Dai's CV: http://www.daidavis.com/cv/information-technology-cv/)

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