This page provides links to overseas law resources.

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Law Resources - Overseas


Justice Laws Website - Canadian Department of Justice


ICANN - ICANN coordinates domain names and IP addresses, overseeing the provision of unique IP addresses and that these IP addresses correctly correspond with domain name server entries

WIPO - WIPO provides information about international treaties and other information addressing issues of copyright, patents and trademarks across nations.


Irish Law - Legislation and case law with links to British & Irish legal information, and to the Irish Legal Information Initiative. Hosted by University College Cork.


Malaysian Bar Association - A resource to help maintain and improve the standards of conduct and learning of the legal profession in Malaysia.

New Zealand

The Knowledge Basket - A New Zealand based website providing access to number of databases, offering case law, legislation and bills currently in NZ Parliament.

Institute of IT Professionals - Formerly the NZ Computer Society.

United Kingdom

UK Legislation - UK website, provides information about acts of Parliament, explanatory notes and other statutory instruments.

Scottish Law Online - A website providing a large body of information about Scottish Law. Including resources for lawyers and law students.

HM Courts and Tribunals Service - A website providing a large body of information about Scottish Law. Including resources for lawyers and law students

UK Parliament - UK Parliament website

Warwick - Journal of Information Law & Technology
now published as  European Journal of Law and Technology - A selection of journal material provided by Warwick University's Journal of Information, Law and Technology.

United States

American Bar Association - The American Bar Association. Particularly relevant to practitioners working in or seeking to be employed in the USA.

Berkeley University Law Library - Berkeley University's online law library.

Legal Information Institute - Cornell University's Legal Information Institute. Providing state and federal law as well as information about a variety of popular issues of law in the USA.

FindLaw - An online tool to help find legal representation in the USA.

ITechLaw - ITechLaw is an international organisation which provides information about matters of law specifically related to technology.

Internet Law Library - The Internet Law Library, has a collection of related articles and case law associated with matters of law online.

University of Florida Law Online - Florida University's Journal of Technology Law and Policy.

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