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Student Essay Competition 2017

2017 STUDENT PRIZE – AUD $1,000
for the best article in the field of computers and the law.

The Computers & Law Journal for the Australian and New Zealand Societies for Computers and the Law offers a prize of AUD $1,000 for the article which is selected by the editors of the Journal as the best article in the field of computers and the law written by a student.

Final closing date for applications for the prize is: 9 December 2017.

Articles must be no more than 1500 words and must be submitted online with an appropriate covering message to:


In the covering message, applicants must provide details of their candidature, including the name of the educational institution at which they are enrolled and their student number.

The winning student will receive a prize certificate as well as $1,000, and the winning article will be published in the next edition of the Journal as the winning article; the winning student will also receive a free copy of the Journal edition in which the article is published. The article will be published online at the website for the NSW Society for Computers and the Law at: http://www.nswscl.org.au.

The editors reserve the right not to award the prize. It is intended that the prize be offered annually but terms of the offer may be varied.

The Computers & Law Journal reserves the right to publish articles submitted for the prize which are not the winning article. Applicants will be advised if their article is to be published; they will receive a free copy of the Journal in which their article is published.

Articles may be co-authored as long as all co-authors are students and there are no more than 5 co-authors. If they win, co-authors will be paid the prize in equal shares but they may redistribute their shares by their own agreement.  Initial format for articles is the same as for all articles submitted for publication by the Journal; details of this format are available at: http://www.nswscl.org.au.


Submitting an entry is a warranty that the student has the right to publish in the Journal.

(C) 2018 New South Wales Society for Computers & the Law.  ABN 81180932448

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